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Safety Tips

If it looks suspicious, report it and leave it alone. You do not need it that bad!


If the seller is overseas, do not deal with them. We are for local buyers and sellers only.
Most scams involve people based overseas (tho not restricted to). If the buyer or seller is in Australia they will be easy to contact and communicate with. Do not rely on emails and SMS only, make sure you have a conversation. This will eliminate most potential scammers.


Charities will not make contact with buyers or sellers directly. If you receive contact from someone claiming to represent a charity, do not reply, report it immediately.


You may report offensive, suspicious or potential criminal activity to the Police. We recommend you treat any such activity as you would normally and use your discretion. We will report to authorities, any criminal activity we are made aware of.If it is suspicious at all, please report it to us.
If you make reports to the Police regarding activity on the website, we request you also contact us, so we can ensure you are protected as a user and other users can be protected as well.


Only use our secure online payment methods.
Buyers and Sellers can both be victims of payment SCAMS.
Many scams involve the ‘method of payment’ used. Stay clear of using payment methods such as Western Union. The only reason someone is likely to request this method is if they are Overseas or if they are not whom they are representing themselves to be.
Do not refund overpayments that they claim to have made. It is a common scam for people to send false payment confirmation showing overpayment to cover transport cost or other costs. Often the seller is then asked to transfer this extra money to another Payee that is arranging delivery. Do not ever do this or anything similar.


If an item seems ‘too good to be true’, often it is!
If a simple deal starts to have too many conditions or unusual requests, leave it alone. Sell to someone else or buy from someone else. The simpler it is the safer it is!


It is very rare that people who have lost money by being careless get their money back.
So please, when you are dealing with your money and belongings, you should always take the utmost of caution. Buying and selling on the internet is no exception.
Your best protection is caution and commonsense.
Although we try and offer a safe environment, and up to date advice, we cannot accept responsibility for any losses that may be incurred from activities derived from this website.
This website is a facility bringing together buyers and sellers. We are not a buyer or seller.
We will offer mediation services for disputes and try and help resolve issues. However this is offered without liability. Such remedies are only enforceable in good faith by participating parties.
If resolutions are not achieved within mediation of this site and its administrator, the parties in dispute will need to seek third party representation. This may require seeking legal representation or that of a Government Authority.
If you have been scammed, defrauded or fallen victim to criminal activity, contact us and your local law enforcement immediately.


Make sure it works before you take delivery of it.
If it doesn’t work you are unlikely to have any way of getting your money back. Even if you can arrange it, the cost of taking it back can be more than its worth!
It is your responsibility to work out with the seller if it works and to what extent they warrant this representation.
We are not responsible in making sure items work or continue to work.
If you are unable to resolve a dispute we will offer Mediation, however mediation is without liability and remedies rely on ‘good faith’ from all parties.

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