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Promoting my ad - Posting

It is our intention to give everyone equal opportunity of selling their item and every charity equal opportunity of benefiting from our site and the generosity of our users.
At this stage we are not offering a ‘Uer Pays’ premium listing option.
Every listing is given the same opportunities when being listed.
After listing you have the opportunity of editing your listing Free of charge.


Add pictures to your listing. People like to see an image, even before they read the description. Make sure your images are clear. Make sure the image file size is not too large, if it takes too long to download the user may cancel search.
Use clear and concise Keywords in the Title.
Do not use deceptive descriptions, people do not trust sellers using these tactics (ie: NOT BILLABONG, NOT APPLE, ads using these tactics may be deleted by administrator).
Be very descriptive. However do not repeat information in an attempt to make description longer.

Warning : Do not add unnecessary personal information. All the information you provide is available to the public. This is your responsibility and how this information is gathered and used cannot be monitored or restricted.

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