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Managing my Ads and Account

To post an Ad you must create an Account and Profile. CREATE ACCOUNT
There is no charge for creating an account and posting ads.
You may update your profile at any time, free of charge. MY ACCOUNT
Some information is mandatory. Please ensure these fields are completed so your account can be successfully created.
You must use true and correct information to create an account. If you try creating an account using false or misleading information, your account will be cancelled and you will be banned from using the site. This may include the barring of the IP address being used at the time of registration and or the barring of names, email addresses and phone numbers used.
To edit or update your details go to MY ACCOUNT and simply enter the new information in the appropriate fields and UPDATE DETAILS.
To edit a Listing go to MY ACCOUNT and LOGIN and then MANAGE MY LISTINGS.
Simply edit or add the information in the appropriate fields and UPDATE.

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